Hempod CBD Vape Cartridge

(36 customer reviews)


Hempod CBD Vape Cartridge


Take a puff and drift away.. (but only for a moment)

What’s inside the cartridge?

  • 1000mg/500mg of Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil (No THC)
  • Cannabis Derived Terpenes

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If for whatever reason, you decide you are not satisfied, you can easily and quickly contact our helpful customer support to get an easy refund at support@hempods.com.


(36 customer reviews)

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36 reviews for Hempod CBD Vape Cartridge

  1. Brett H

    Tastes great, really good quality distillate and shipped fast!

    Hopefully there will be additional terpenes to choose from soon.

  2. Ron

    Loved the blue dream. Great high quality product !

    Smooth, tasty ,effective at a great price. You can’t find any better.

    They also processed and delivered my stuff timely.

    Just want to say thanks…..I will order again.

  3. Ron

    Loved the blue dream. Great high quality product !
    Smooth, tasty ,effective at a great price. You can’t find any better.
    They also processed and delivered my stuff timely.
    Just want to say thanks…..I will order again.

  4. Ron

    Forgot to five 5 star ***** my review..
    For Blue Dream 1g cart.

  5. Gustavo DeLao

    Is this cart 510 threaded?

  6. David

    These are 510 threaded. Excellent carts. No PG, VG, or MCT oil. Best carts I’ve had so far.

  7. Tyler

    Thc 0.00mg
    Cbd 437.600mg
    Cbdv 14.990mg
    Cbn 65.610mg
    Cbg 49.380mg
    CBC 148.300mg
    These were the lab test of mine I am not complaining at all. I love this product and will be buying more. Keep it up hempods

  8. James

    Fairly new to CBD but after some research and reading reviews I decided to try the blue dream broad spectrum cart. It’s amazing so far, nice calming effect, very nicely packaged and delivered quickly. Ordered Monday and received on Wednesday! Going to try some additional products and will review those as well.

  9. Christian Dyson

    Finally found a CBD cart that actually helps my anxiety and helps with insomnia. So glad I found hempods.

  10. Adam

    I’ve tried quite a few different companies that have CBD carts, and these are far superior. I even had an issue with one leaking, customer support was on it in no time! Will be buying these for quite a while!

  11. Gia P.

    Much better taste compared to the cbd juul pod. I did enjoy the cbd juul pods but it left a weird aftertaste burny effect in my throat. But with this one, it feels and tastes smoother. Really helps with my anxiety and makes the tension in my body melt away. Feel more relaxed and at peace. The only thing is, its pretty expensive and I feel like I have to do way more pulls compared to my THC pen, to feel an effect. And so i notice I am running low way faster. But overall great product! Looking forward to trying the other strains for this!

  12. Mary K.

    I vape a lot of flavor vape and this one has the best taste.

  13. Andrew K.

    I love Hempods and will continue purchasing from them. Best tasting and most effective cartridges I’ve ever tried. Love it!

  14. Mike

    Ive tried many CBD products and vape carts. This is a top end product. It’s uncut to my knowledge. Natural flavor with cannabus derived terps. You dont get that fake flavor I have gotten from many that use other ways of infusing terps other than cannabus derived. I love the fact this is broad spec. Looking forward to more terp profiles as well as more options for syringes. Keep up the good work!

  15. Thom L.

    I use Blue Dream a lot and was pleased that the terms in this are about 90/95% true to flavor.

  16. Gregorio M.

    Excellent Creation of product Thanks

  17. Austin

    Really enjoying the uplifting effects of the sour diesel! 9lb hammer is really nice as well

  18. Pamela

    Superb 9lb Hammer CBD. Perfect autodraw battery. Super smooth. Great for trying to quit cigarettes. Will be buying more for loved ones_ÙÕÏ

  19. Julia

    I have been using CBD over the past year and have tried several kinds – this has been the one that has made an actual difference! I feel relaxed and in a better mood without being sedated . It has made all the difference for me and I’m going back for purchase number 3!

  20. Tollboth

    Great flavor, fast shipping! Will order again!

  21. Ivan

    Clean, flavorful, satisfying. These guys make a great top!

  22. Chase

    The blue dream is awesome, instantly relaxes you and puts your mind at ease.

  23. FoxiMaiden

    Seem to have relaxing effects, and my husband and I are both really grateful to have a broad spectrum option- we‰Ûªre not comfortable with full-spectrum carts until drug tests & law enforcement catch up with hemp being legal, so it‰Ûªs nice to have THC-free products that still have all the other good stuff!

  24. Callie Rae

    I‰Ûªm fairly skeptical of the effectiveness of anything unless I t‰Ûªs undeniable…and this stuff is undeniably amazing. I started with the Blue Dream: upon my first use I felt my mood elevated minutes after, and my stress levels seemed reduced even into the next day. The cartridge did go empty very quickly so there may be a leakage issue and I haven‰Ûªt heard back from customer service..but I‰Ûªll be buying this again anywhere sheerly because of the quality of what‰Ûªs inside and the benefits I‰Ûªve experienced already!

  25. Gabe M

    Excellent quality oil with lasting effects that have been great for my anxiety and sleep quality. Shipped Quickly and very happy with the effects. No room for me to complain.

  26. Brett

    Although I received the 9lb Hammer instead of the Blue dream that I ordered, it wasn’t bad. Definitely not as good as Blue dream for flavor & effects though.

  27. vinharez@yahoo.com

    Good product. Their Live Resin carts were also amazing.

  28. Jared Raffini

    Wonderful product! My first vape pod of any kind, and it was great! Definitely has helped a lot.

  29. chasemackinen89@gmail.com

    The blue dream is awesome, instantly relaxes you and puts your mind at ease.

  30. Chris Ford

    The best CBD vape product you can buy. yes its a little pricey but you get what you pay for!

  31. Frank (verified owner)

    Just received my order of Blue Dream broad spectrum and I’m impressed. Taste is really good and within a few seconds I was feeling relaxed and calm. I’ve tried a few other brands but this one here I will be coming back for. Great quality and great prices. I’m also glad they are able to accept VISA cards again.

  32. michele.doucette@gmail.com

    Ordered 9 Pound Hammer, it’s been fantastic in helping with sleep! Shipping was very fast, definitely ordering more!

  33. Bix (verified owner)

    These cartridges are the real deal–“Craft CDB”. I spent too much time and money with other products and none has come close to Hempod’s quality. The flavor is authentic and, at times, dreamy. The draw and burn works perfectly with my CCELL. Most of all, the effect does exactly what I need it to do–relief of stress, helping with sleep–without side effects. You can spend time with other products (and you probably will), but for this customer, I’m very happy to have found something I can count on.

  34. Branson

    Great quality, quick shipping and good taste. I recommend.

  35. jbow7@yahoo.com

    I tried the 9 Pound Hammer strain and so far I love it. The taste is great and it definitely contains tasty cannabis derived terpenes, which is awesome. After taking 2-3 pulls, I almost immediately felt relaxed and less stressed/anxious. This product is the real deal and provides true medicinal relief.

  36. Kelley (verified owner)

    I am using the Sour Diesel and love it. It is energizing and helps me focus. I had a stroke and it has helped a lot with tremors, anxiety, focus and mood for me.

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