Broad Spectrum Products

Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil is the backbone of our products and provides the most effective relief! It’s the main ingredient in our tincture oil, vape cartridges, pods, and oil syringe refills and contains a potent blend of cannabinoids including CBD, CBC, CBN, and CBG.

Our Broad Spectrum Tincture and Syringe are the perfect for consuming orally and will last for several hours at a time, whether you need to function throughout the day or stay asleep longer.

Each Broad Spectrum Vape Cartridge and Pod provides a potent dose of cannabinoids and cannabis derived terpenes with an immediate onset of effects.

We recommend trying out one of the bundles and using both a vape product and the edible oil for best results.

You can learn more about the effects of our Broad Spectrum Oil on our Learn More page

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