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Bought this product after suffering with pain associated with my job. (Barber) i no longer take any over the counter pain meds to sleep or to ease the pain throughout the day. A few drops and i am feeling great in what seems like minutes.

1000mg Full Spectrum Tincture Oil – Mint


This is much different than the isolate and it packs a bigger punch. It definitely smells like reefer which doesn’t bother me at all because it works so well and chills me out immediately. It also lasts forever and is so worth it and I’ll be buying it again when mine run out :)

Broad Spectrum Hempod – Blue Dream .5g


This is literally the best CBD I’ve probably ever had. I recommend this so much. It smells and tastes just like herb (which to me is great) and hits hard. My anxiety is gone within 15 seconds of a hit. I had a horrible headache earlier and I hit this and the headache is gone. I’m talking like a migraine. I had took 800mg ibuprofen and it didn’t help at all. If you’re considering buying this than do it.

Broad Spectrum Hempod – Blue Dream .5g


Packaging A+, comes in a sealed package with name and product info (strain contents ect) on the back. The pod itself had a silicone cap instead of the normal plastic that comes on a normal Juul Pod or their other CBD isolate pods. Hits smooth, fits in juul no problems. There is a definite marijuana smell that comes with these, so if you need to be discreet you might want to go with the Isolate pods instead. But as for the product itself this is def worth the money. I think these are great and if the isolate pod is any indication of how long these last, you get quite a bit of use out of them and I use them quite a bit. Don’t base it on how fast you go thru a nicotine pod, bc you will go they these a LOT slower. All in all tho 5 stars across the board.

Broad Spectrum Hempod – Blue Dream .5g


Exceeded all expectations. I sleep like a champion and my anxiety is now controllable. Thank you

Blueberry Hempod – 300mg CBD Vape Pod


Pleasantly surprised! I have tried CBD before and didn’t feel much, but this is my first time using one that was broad spectrum. The flavor is extremely reminiscent of any Super Lemon Haze (THC) cartridges that are on the market and is overall pretty smooth. After just one hit I definitely began to feel some relaxing effects in some areas where I’ve been having pain. It’s definitely worth giving it a look if you are looking for pain relief alternatives.

Broad Spectrum Hempod


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