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We made self care portable

Hempod is a vaporizer cartridge infused with hemp extract and terpenes to help you turn inwards and refocus. Whether you're looking for an uplifting work day with Delta 8 THC or a relaxing evening with Broad Spectrum CBD, we provide quality and ease of use so you can enjoy your self.
Our Mission

Regardless of how you found out about Hempod, we are grateful that you’re here so we can share more information about the benefits of hemp. In addition to CBD, there are several other “cannabinoids” that can be extracted from hemp and used for their therapeutic properties. When we as a company learned that there was so much more to relief than CBD, we started our transition to Broad Spectrum products as we believe it provides a more well rounded experience.  We’ve broken down the basics below and hope that you walk away with a better appreciation for hemp.

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